Problem – Low Ticket Sales & Conversion Rates

Eric Sim is a TEDx Speaker, LinkedIn China Influencer, and seasoned investment banker with a career spanning over 20 years.

Based in Hong Kong, his company Institute of Life teaches financial professionals via live trainings – the ins and outs of succeeding in Fintech and accelerating their finance career.

He had hosted multiple events in the past but had low engagement for his sign ups from his online prospecting by using a simple PDF flyer. He also needed to automate the process of lead prospecting, as many people were showing interest but not committing to paying for their RSVP ticket.

Solution – Automated Landing Page & Welcome Email

We created an automated landing page which could solve all of the above problems of low engagement and low conversion rates. By utilizing Mailchimp and tons of call to actions throughout the landing page , we were able to increase conversion rate by 10% which resulted in a sold out event.

Prospects were impressed by the online registration which provided more details and interaction than a PDF flyer and manual email could. Lastly, we setup Mailchimp to automatically email people who signed up on the page


HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, Bootstrap 3, Photoshop, MailChimp


UI UX Design, Web Development, Marketing Strategy

Original Poster for Marketing

Video Walk Through of the User Experience

With only the poster to reference, I was able to turn a static marketing graphic into an automated interactive landing page that would keep on selling itself. This drastically improved registrations and eventual ticket sales

Calls to Action Boost Ticket Sales (Sold Out)

I decided to create big hero image with the copy and a CTA that simply allowed the user to book their ticket now. Clicking the button instantly scrolls the user down to the registration page where they can reserve their ticket and make a payment. In fact, so many people signed up so quickly that my client had to postpone the event until he could accommodate more people


25 Tickets Sold Out

 $22,500 USD Potential Revenue

 15% Increased Event Registrations

Landing Page Design Testimonial

I hired Janelle to help me create a landing page for my upcoming training course to get more sign-ups and provide a unified brand experience. She responded quickly and paid great attention to details. I provided her only with a course outline and poster, and she was able to turn it into a beautifully designed landing page. Janelle guided me through the entire process. She is more than just another web developer! I highly recommend her!

Eric Sim - Tedx Speaker, LinkedIn China Influencer