InterPlate was an App concept designed for the Intel Innovators 2012 contest for startup ideas. My design and concept was a Top 10 Finalist and my team and I were mentored by Intel personally on how to secure funding to the prototype. The app was meant to disrupt the dining ordering experience for a more social and innovative “cut the wait” approach. As this was 2012, many of today’s design principals were drastically different, so I used a more skeuomorphic design for the UI.

Unique Challenges – Multiple Languages & Cultures

In order to convince restaurant owners to change their POS and table management system completely, we had to design a concept and interface that was easier and more intuitive for them to use.

The restaurant side wasn’t designed to be aesthetically amazing, but extremely functional in a busy kitchen. We had to create a concept which allowed the users to order ahead, login and keep a profile, and search/order from entirely digital menus which the restaurant would have to create with our help.



iOS 5, Photoshop, Illustrator


UI UX Design, Interaction Design, Branding

User Experience & Features 

Mobile Flow – Ordering & Login

Brand Identity Design 

I designed this icon using the popular beveled glass / skeumorphic aesthetic.