The First Elo Based Fighting Game eSports System

Super Smash Bros Championship Series (SCS for short) was a company developed by myself and my business partner in 2014 which attracted the attention of top eSports pros and investors. The purpose was simple – create an eSports matchmaking and client system which tracked player’s stats and their elo (similar to chess competitors).  At the end of each season a grand tournament would be held in Las Vegas for a prize of $30,000 USD

The Problem: Create an eSports Brand & Matchmaking Client to Attract Nintendo’s Support

Nintendo (the creators of the Super Smash Bros franchise) doesn’t have an official elo leaderboard system to track user’s rankings, so we needed to create an “unofficial” external system to track tournaments around the world. We also needed to create a memorable brand that would align with Nintendo’s vision for eSports in the future.


Photoshop CS, Illustrator


UI UX Design, Game Design, Branding

Brand Identity Design

Logo Concept

Logo Sketches

Final Vector Logos

eSports Marketing Examples

Actual eSports Poster Design/Advertisement I Created

Presentation Design

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Facebook Ad Design

Matchmaking Game Client Prototype